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About Us
About Us
Corporate Values

Mikaail restaurants and industrial kitchens equipment company, we started our manufacturing in 1990, The beginning we set off from the manufacture of light mince meat machines, industry at the of 144 square meters workshop area in the city of Kirkuk, Then we started to manufacture stainless steel cooking lines for industrial kitchens at the level of the city of.

With our commitment as well as the development and upgrading of services based on engineering solutions that make processing kitchens rise to the highest levels of safety and efficiency standards without compromising on the side of the economic cost of the expansion of our business on the level of all Iraq in addition to the work of small and large projects of hotels - Restaurants - Cafeteria - Fast food - hospitals - kitchens central laboratories - catering companies.

Mikaail company looked by maintaining update line without compromise on quality, to provide you the best in the kitchen field through after-sales services and maintenance of the hands of engineers and specialists with provide the necessary spare part.

Every product have Mikaail brand will make you enjoy in quality and comfort in use. Kitchen equipment manufactured by engineers and specialists in this high-tech users and technology machinery.

As a result of the efforts in the development of ourselves and our equipment constantly to combine innovation that has occurred with the long experience and demands that we seek to be met in addition to the work of the partnership with international companies in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany and America, we have three branches of Kirkuk - Arbil - Sulaymaniyah more space of 5000 square meters between factories and showrooms.

Our belief to provide the highest level of service we seek to keep your trust in us that we consider to be the biggest investment we have created.

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